Sunday, October 30, 2011

eCopy Support

eCopy Support

5thNK pronounced 5th and K supports ALL eCopy Branded Nuance Software Solutions.
Nuance the company purchased eCopy Inc the company in 2009. Thus; eCopy branded solutions
5thNK supports all eCopy Branded Solutions

5thNK's eCopy Support logo

Parent Company:
Confused on how to get support for your eCopy Branded Solutions now owned by Nuance? 
We support all Nuance eCopy Branded Solutions. This is what we do! 
We are made up of former eCopy employees. 
We have engineers that worked both behind the desk and in the field. 
We come onsite if in the USA. Most of our support break/fix is done remote via an Internet bridge into your 
eCopy Branded Nuance Software 
For those of you who don't know, Nuance the Company purchased eCopy Inc the Company in 2009. 
We know your frustration in finding folks who can fix any and all eCopy Branded Solutions. We bought this domain so you who do Google searches could find us and get your eCopy Software Supported. 
We bought this domain to sell ALL eCopy Branded Solutions. We bought to list 
those customers who have come before you! Today we are Nuance's number one reseller of eCopy Branded solutions worldwide.  
You want support? It starts with a chat session, or a phone call. 
We can't help if you don't chat, call, or send us an email to start the process

Site Owners 
We sell, deliver, and support 
            206 452 3331      
 24x7x365 delivery

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